Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nova Greens - Taste Test.

Having picked up a brochure while waiting for my appointment at The Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic I discovered Nova Greens - a green(power) supplement produced locally by Naturally Nova Scotia. Containing a litany of beneficial compounds it has no fillers, artificial flavors, stearates, gluten or dairy. Made from 100% certified organic fruits,vegetables, grass juices and other nutrient dense botanicals.

Fortunately for me the clinic still had some samples remaining from an earlier promotion so I brought home a package to test taste. I have often heard of green drinks but never actually tried them as I tend to get my nutrients from food sources as opposed to supplements.

One tablespoon added to a glass of water resulted in your typical green drink in both color and texture resembling a glass of algae(wink). Being a dulce eater(dried seaweed) I did not expect to find the taste unpalatable. In fact it was quite tasty and possessed a sweet grass flavor. It reminded me of picking a piece of tall grass at my grandfather's farm as a kid on a hot summer day and chewing the stem for the grass juice.

The texture can be gritty depending on how much water you use and you may need to periodically stir to prevent sediment on the bottom of the glass but I suspect it would be delicious in smoothies or just mixed in other juices. Tomato juice would probably be a excellent choice as would a vegetable juice blend like V8....just watch the salt content of the brand you choose.

It also appears to be a good paleo choice without grains, dairy, soy, rice or other additives. I suspect it would be ideal used as a (sports) recovery drink or as a quick morning tonic, especially if you struggle with getting sufficient fruits/veggies in your diet.  Looks like a winner and it supports local business and good health.


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