Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super(Less) Sunday

Today I arguably had my best day at cyclocross because I opted not to compete in race #4 of the Cyclesmith cross series held at Seaview Park Lookoff.There were a couple reasons why I opted out but essentially it had to do with priorities. I've committed to playing goal (till April) in Sunday afternoon ball hockey and after three races in three weeks it was taking a toll on my body, specifically my back/neck issues. After last week's race I suffered quite badly  at hockey and aggravated my spinal subluxations which only starting resolving itself later in the week.

Discretion is the better part of valor so today I opted out so I could be play better in nets without fearing another setback. Factor in the cold weather(-14C with windchill) and the speed of the frozen course it was the best choice. With coffee in hand and Elmer Fudd cap on head I watched the chaos and give full credit to those who gutted out a freezing  morning on the bike.Well done!

Afterwards many of the BPCC racers and spectators headed off to Humani-T, a cafe on the corner of Young and Agricola for some java and food. It was a neat place with a cool vibe. The coffee was prime!

I brought my goalie gear with me so was able to relax knowing I was playing nets just down the street at Bloomfield Centre. On the way out I couldn't help but notice that the health food store -Supernatural - who shared space with the cafe carried the Cosman and Whidden line of local unpasturized honey. Produced in the Annapolis Valley the honey is delicious! Having noticed containers of honeycomb I couldn't resist so picked up the sweet treat. Honey the way nature meant it to be. I know it is a contenious issue in the paleo world but I for one think honey is paleo, albeit in moderation. I'm sure early Homo Sapiens would suffer bee stings to acquire the sweet treat when in season and probably figured out that smoke and the use of animal skins(for protection) would make the acqusition of honeycomb much easier.

Needless to say I enjoyed some honeycomb prior to gearing up for an afternoon of goaltending. The comb was delicious but way too sweet. A little was all I needed...chew it like gum then discard the bee wax when the flavor was all gone. Much tastier than spruce gum(wink).

I guess it had an immediate negative effect on my cognitive ability as I did not draft a team very efficiently and realized early on that all the speed was on the opposing team. The good news is I was jacked on caffiene and honey so played pretty good considering the other squad were fast and dominated down low with a strong fore check and presence in the slot. Down early by a 5-2 score we somehow managed to even the score late but dropped the first game 10-9. It was a positive result as we really didn't deserve to be in that game. Some solid goaltending and timely goals made the game closer than it really should have been.

Surprisingly we rallied to win the second game 10 -8 but it was more of a case of the other team letting us off the hook by easing up their aggressive play in our end. It's not uncommon......there always seems to be a letdown for the team winning the first match and usually a sense of urgency for the team losing game one. Unfortunately the other squad dominated the last 25 minutes and won the third match 6 -2 in what was the rubber match by reasserting their hustle and controling the floor for the most part.Overall I was happy with my effort. I did let in a couple soft goals but I was seeing the ball well and the legs were active with good side to side mobility. Controling my rebounds is getting better as is my positioning. Goaltending is really all about being in the right place at the right time.

Home for a well needed shower and a simple yet very paleo supper. Cross rib steak panfried with onions, mushrooms and celery. Washed down with a glass of red wine while watching some football. Overall it was a good day and my back feels darn good. With my usual chiropractic appointment scheduled on Tuesday I might just go for a run tomorrow if I opt out of bike commuting to work to see if I can begin a winter of (some) running to help maintain an offseason fitness.

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