Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Training - Medicine Ball versus Kettlebell

 Yesterday we unofficially welcomed winter when we awoke to snow...just a dusting but snow nonetheless. I guess my denial of the impending change of season was finally dashed by the white stuff even after a -10C bike commute on Monday.

Today I switched to my winter training regimen that includes regular home workouts. During the cycling season I continued to do some minimal weight training and core strengthening but my focus was "on the bike" for the most part. My plan for this winter is as follows;
 - bike commute (weather,road condition dependant)
 - (some) running(weather, road condition\ dependant)
 - Saturday club ride(weather , road condition dependant)
 - Ball Hockey twice weekly(3.5 hours/week) Thursdays and Sundays.
 - Strength/core Training

As indicated much of my outside winter training will depend on weather conditions and the impact on road surfaces. I know some riders will cycle through anything but I admit I am a fair weather cyclist for the most part. Snow covered roads or wet roads below 0C can be quite sketchy and I tend to avoid being in those situations. Cold temps are not necessary avoided if the road is(somewhat) dry but wind chill is considered before venturing outside for a ride. I've picked up some winter specific clothing so that will definitely help.

The one facet of my winter training that is not weather dependant is strength training and core work. I have dusted off the medicine ball(my fav), pumped up the Swiss ball and tightened up the free weights. To date I have used some basic medicine ball routines including reverse curls,double leg V ups,Russian twists and single leg chops. Lots of alternative moves online so I will experiment with some others for both variety and effectiveness.

Kettlebells sure seem to be the fitness tool of choice nowadays. I may also purchase one to compliment the medicine ball and replace my limited free weights.Essentially a kettlebell is the combination of a medicine ball and hand weights. Picture a medicine ball with a loop handle.They come in an assortment of weights but offer more versatility and enable you to complete full body routines not always possible with other balls and weights.

 Variety is the spice of fitness.(wink) Time to embrace inclement winter weather by switching to more home based training. I am also considering snowshoes as a great way to take advantage of the snow knowing there are some great trail systems not far from my door despite living within the city. The only issue is trying to figure out what kind of winter we will have hereabouts.....the maritime climate is notoriously fickle and large snowfalls not always guarenteed.

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