Monday, December 13, 2010

Butter - Be Not Afraid.

 While researching the whole issue of cooking oils and nutritional fats I was happy to see that good old fashioned butter, like coconut oil, has seen a resurgence and long overdue vindication. Although not considered paleo butter was one of the very first neolithic foods and, apparently, is quite nutritious and healthy.

  I remember as a child actually helping my grandmother churn homemade butter at the farm using cream from their(grass fed)dairy cow. It was delicious. I have thrown out what remains of my processed vegetable oils and had ceased purchasing margarines...with the exception of some extra virgin olive oil.

 I have since switched the family over to real butter but now have the task of trying to locate organic butter preferably from grass fed cows.Work in progress. Turning butter into Ghee does bring it closer to the basic premises of paleo nutrition and may also be an option....especially for my use. That said frying free range eggs in real butter is absolutely delicious and now one of my cheats(wink).

Some interesting numbers....though they may be based upon trans fat base margarines that now are out of vogue or at least minimalized.Check out the comment section for some interesting debate.

A little balance to the margarine/butter debate....that said even saturated fat is being reconsidered of late which helps the pro butter argument.

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