Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Paleo Staples - The Egg

It definitely bears repeating how simply wonderful the egg is in terms of health and nutrition. Forget what you have previously been told about the link between egg consumption and cholesterol.

As one of my staples and a cornerstone of my diet I now consume eggs on a daily basis. Generally inexpensive, readily available year round, good refrigerated shelf life and so versatile they are packed with vitamins, good fat and essential minerals.

Eggs as a wonderful source of Choline......

Yet another excellent look at the impact of  carnosine upon aging, sport performance and overall health of which eggs are a whole food source......

I personally have switched to local free range eggs to ensure a better nutritional profile without the fears of antibiotics, hormones and, of course, the ethical concerns around industrial egg production. A happy chicken living and eating(as close as possible to) a natural diet makes for a much healthier and tasty egg. The cost is generally double($5.00 cdn) what you would pay for a standard dozen($2.50 cdn) but is well worth the investment.

The good news is that even the big grocery chains now carry free range/run eggs in their health food sections. If cost is a concern you can choose the middle ground and at least opt for omega 3 eggs from birds fed a diet of flax seed for about $3.50dz(cdn) to help balance the omega6/3 ratio.

Regardless of your choice eggs definitely deserves to be part of any healthy WOE, especially revelant to those who gravitate away from meat and other animal products.Eggs from (organic/ethically run) farms should help alleviate any moral issues as no chickens were harmed in the making of this free range egg. Enjoy!

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