Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gluten Free January, Turkey and Hill Intervals.

 Well folks Christmas Day has come and gone and old grinchy Geo managed to retain some semblance of sanity despite reaching a peak weight of 200.3 pounds on December 24th. Lord have mercy and banish all sweets and carbs to the depths of Hades(wink).

  Today I decided to stop the insanity and prepare for Gluten Free January. If anything it will be a tool to help me get back on a sound dietary footing heading into Spring 2011 and the cycling season.

  Why gluten free you ask?Even our national broadcasting company is spreading the news...

 Whether you adhere to low carb diets or not limiting your use of products containing gluten may well be advisable. At least take the time to educate yourself as the one thing you CAN influence is your own wellbeing through the foods YOU decide to consume.

 A perfect segway to the wonders of turkey.......definitely a highlight to my Christmas day.

The joys of a roasted turkey. Stuffed with a non paleo potato based dressing but delicious and healthy nonetheless.Does it get any better than snacking on leftover turkey meat or creating a hearty soup out of the remnants of the bird? Even my friends, the crows and gulls, benefit with lots of turkey offal left on the feeding stump in the backyard.

 Managed to get out for a hill interval training run today as part of my overall winter training plan. My orthotics are working well so I have decided to increase my run training this offseason.After a kilometre warm up run I did three hill intervals. Westridge Drive is a .3 km ascent of about a 3-4% grade. I sprint the hill then recover on the return descent. The numbers today were as follows...
Sprint 1 - 1:15
Sprint 2 - 1:12
Sprint 3 - 1:08

 Three sets of bench jumps and walking lunges at the softball field at the top of Westridge then a easy run back home to complete my short but rather intense effort.Sure felt good!

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Anonymous said...

The table and the meal looked wonderful. I was so glad to hear that you had a happy and relaxing Christmas Day. Happy New Year to you all.

Love Carol