Monday, December 13, 2010

A View From The Bench

That and some other angles of a typical ballhockey Sunday. Due to the fact we were missing some regulars the organizer arranged to have our Thursday night goalie attend so I could then play out to help mitigate the shortage of runners. I'm cool with that and actually enjoy playing both positions. Helps keep things fresh and fun.

We ended up with two spares per side which was more than enough. In fact in our case it was one too many. I generally try and adhere to the school of short shifts - work hard, run hard then head off for a change. The advantages are that the game stays fluid, fast tempo'ed and dynamic.Some of the other dudes take the opposite approach - work only as hard as you must, run only when necessary and change infrequently.(wink). That is fine if we have only one or no spares but is frustrating when you have bodies riding the pine.A couple months into the season everyone is seeing much better fitness so that doesn't help speed up floor time transitions. To each his own I suppose.

As a result I found myself cooling down between shifts waiting to get back on the floor and knowing that I had my camera in the bag I figured some photos would pass the wait time. Before long I just put the gear away having stiffened up and decided to focus(pardon the pun) on pictures. I had gone for a run earlier in the morning (complete with some sets of rock jumps and lunges) so it was not a big deal bowing out after the first game. The lads did fine with one spare and my legs did not protest the early end of the day.
The action in the slot
Screening the Goalie
Goalie`s view
Waiting for the cross crease pass
Cutting Down the Angle

Pinching in for the back door pass

Awaiting  the ball.

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