Saturday, January 01, 2011


 Well the Gluten Free Challenge is now official with the beginning of the New Year. Having predominately followed a paleo type of WOE(way of eating) for the last 10 months I have avoided gluten for the most part with the exception of occasional cheats and temporary lack of dietary resolve.

 Here is the official site if you are so inclined.

 It begs the question though...what is gluten and how does it impact health and wellbeing. The internet is chock full of articles and videos but here is an excellent video primer to help navigate around the whole subject of Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, allergy and sensitivity.

 Not only will the tutorial outline the basic science but will also define terminology and relate cause and effect in an easy to understand way. No need to fear being "blinded by science" to quote Thomas Dolby.Could be the best 36 minutes you spend towards better health and wellbeing?

One of the blogs I follow. Excellent resource.

It is true that there are alot of things we,as individuals, cannot control but diet is not one. You are what you(choose to) eat so eat smart.


Cari said...

the gluten free challenge is interesting. steve and i are both working hard at getting back on track after a very indulgent december!! steve is doing a strict paleo diet but i am still eating one piece of gluten free toast each morning with my egg and a few rice crackers during the day. are you eating any gluten free products or sticking strictly to no grains at all? i'm on day 5 of no caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy or gluten and i'm finally losing the headache and feeling like i'm coming out of a fog. it's rewarding to see the difference!

George said...

No gluten and no grains for me.I'm feeling better and my weight is returning to normal.

Been craving cheese for some reason though....go figure?

Glad you are feeling better.