Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Night Ball Hockey

 A couple winters ago I started playing Thursday night ball hockey in addition to the usual Sunday sessions I have been playing since the 1990s. Since many of our Sunday players also played Thursdays I got invited as a third goalie in case one of the regular net minders was unable to play. Eventually I started playing out on the floor and have become a regular attendee.

 It is fun to leave the goalie gear in the car and get out playing the game I grew up with as a kid, then playing in a competitive league in the 80's/early 90's only to switch to Sunday goaltending when my wonky back no longer could handle the pounding on the gym floor.

 Thanks to Dr.J at the Genesis Chiro and Wellness Clinic I have seen a huge improvement in my spinal subluxations .I am able to once again run, without subsequent pain and stiffness , in both ball hockey and outside for cross/duathlon training.Yippee!

  It has taken some time for the ball handling skills to return but as each session comes and goes the floor vision, fitness and work ethic are improving.That said I'm just a solid second/third line player(at best) quite content to work the corners and the front of the net and occasionally chip in a goal. How I love the game....both as a goalie and out on the floor as a defenseman or forward. Funny thing is the two sports I enjoyed as a child are still the sports I enjoy as an adult; cycling and ball hockey.

 Both Sunday and Thursday are fun competitive matches that can get quite intense but the lads all are able to laugh about it afterwards. We take the game seriously but not that seriously! Its a damn good workout as well and schedules perfectly in regards to the cycling offseason..

 Ended up taking an elbow to the nose while jostling for the ball along the wall. Not broken but damn sore tonight with some swelling and bruising. Alas.....the price of the forecheck(wink). Note to self; Stop leading with your face(wink)

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