Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update - January 15/16 2011

 Managed to get out for a 50km club ride on Saturday with a 30kph average. Five of us took advantage of the moderate winter temperatures(-5C ish) on dry roads to head out to Laurie Park and back following the usual Saturday club ride route. Sure was nice to get out in January and spin out the legs despite my slow climb of Fall River Hill. Somethings never change regardless of the time of year(wink).

Ball hockey on Sunday was lots of fun. Last week I was quite rusty from the Christmas break and my play showed it all to well. I was having difficulties seeing the ball and following the play. This week I was back to normal and felt more comfortable between the pipes. I was seeing the ball better, anticipating the flow of play and managed to have a solid outing in nets. That said I did benefit from the stronger team in terms of both defensive and offensive play.

Been playing with the video feature on my digital camera and filmed a short video of my warmup prior to the start of play. After pre game stretching I prefer to have the lads give me some shots for about five minutes specifically firing the ball into my pads, chest protector and gloves just to get a feel for the ball.Nothing too structured is required just hit me with the ball.

 I bought a camera mount via Ebay which appears to be helmet capable so I hope to catch some future footage from both the goalie and player POV. Can you tell it is the cycling offseason and I need blog fodder?(wink)

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