Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anchor Point

 After a week of archery practice I have noticed quite an improvement. As a novice having never shot a bow it was (initially) a struggle to even pull the bow to full draw. After day three it suddenly seemed easier and I was able to concentrate on fixing my anchor point. For me it seems natural for my thumb knuckle to anchor where the bottom jaw hinges with the top which puts the string roughly at the corner of my mouth. Now to just confirm that placement with consistency considering my draw strength has adjusted to the draw weight of the bow.

 I have adopted the traditional stance and cantor the bow when drawing to shoot. I am left eye dominant so I hold the bow with my right arm. I think a slight bend in the elbow is the correct form but I seem comfortable locking out the arm although that may explain the occasional string slap. I may,in fact,be torquing the bow so might need to revisit both my elbow and my grip. Considering I grip the handlebars of my bikes rather tightly may well see me doing the same with the bow.

 I don't want to overthink the fundamentals but at the same time I do not want to develop bad habits. Unlike a compound bow with let off the long bow is unforgiving at full draw so the whole draw/release process needs to be somewhat expedient. Practice makes perfect.

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