Sunday, May 01, 2011

New Runners - Adidas

Picked up a new pair of runners yesterday since ball hockey and winter running had signaled the death knell of my former Aesics. I ended up with Adidas shoes as they seemed to be a good fit for my orthotics, available in my size and on sale. When it comes to runners I could care less about colors or style as long as they work for me and my wonky back.

Since my cycling plans were put on hold with possible inclement weather I opted to go for a trail run and give them a test drive. The Uraha 2's are, by no means, an expensive shoe but perfect for a cyclist who dabbles in some light trail running and occasional intervals.

They actually felt pretty good with my orthotics, much better than my last pair of runners. The Aesics were a little big for the inserts and resulted in the orthotic moving and bunching up. It was miserable. These shoes seem a better fit.

Managed to get in some running, intervals and jumping including some short vids of step jumps and hill path intervals. All part of playing in the woods and city using whatever is available.

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