Monday, July 18, 2011

Wind Sprints and Fire Pit Jumps

 After my bike commute home I opted to do some running and jumps since the rain had held off and it was a muggy Monday evening.Might as well earn the sweat. After a warmup loop of my fav trail I ran a set of wind style sprints. Total distance out and back was about 75 yards on a grassy field along the trail. Best time was 15.31.

Found this ideal jump rock where I could add distance to the jumping equation. I call it the fire pit jump where you need to cover both distance and height to avoid the(imaginary) flames.The height of the boulder is about three feet with the jump distance from the base about the same. I usually do 8 reps per set or until the legs give out(wink). It is a real leg burner!

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