Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Meat, Vegetables and Tubers...."

An excellent interview with Matt Lalonde titled The Science Behind The Paleolithic Diet. Hosted by Evolution TVOL.

My takeaways.....

"...vegan for two years and vegetarian for eight...."

 An unique perspective on Paleo tempered from experience on the other end of the dietary spectrum.I think this important and adds balance to his views.

"....Using the evolutionary approach or if you're using the anti-nutrient approach...."

  .Different methodology for different folks. I know I tend to fall within the anti-nutrient/toxin "camp" and base much of my diet on the foods that work for me (and,conversely, do not) rather than assuming everything neolithic is unsuitable.It's been my mantra for some time so it is gratifying to see some of the brightest minds in the paleosphere advocating an individualist approach......

"The only way to figure out what an optimal diet is for you is to experiment and observe."
                                      C Kresser

"Just because you never eaten it doesn't mean you are not adapted to it,maybe it means you are less likely to be adapted.....where do I stand on that spectrum, maybe I will run the experiment on what I can tolerate and what I can't..."

   Bingo! That has always been my  POV and practice.

"(Plant) proteins are the problems....very rich in proline.....undigested peptides have biological activity"

   Plants can`t run away to defend themselves hence some produce antinutrients, problematic proteins and toxins. Can't argue the logic.

"We are never going to see full adaptation to this stuff (grains) cause it is not killing us before...we can reproduce and...the pressure is not high enough....."

   Yup. Makes sense.

"Paleo is a pretty good baseline....."


"....about 50 years of topsoil left if corn and wheat agriculture is kept at it's current rate...."

   Scary if accurate. Damaged soils repaired by ungulates eating grass - oh the irony!

"Meat, vegetables and tubers...."


"What works best for you....."

   Exactly! To Hell with the cookie cutter approach to diet. As I said a million times.......find what works for you!

  Great interview with some sound reasoning and basic logic.


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Anonymous said...

agreed, I love this interview and it sheds a light on how people run with diets without understanding what aor why they are doing it from a biochemistry POV