Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chinese Recurve Bow - The Testing

Got out on this Saturday to tromp through the woods with the intent to shoot my recurve somewhere other than the basement. A purchase made ealier this winter I have been anxious to actually get it outside for some stump shooting to test it's mettle.

I also wated to test the bamboo arrows I picked up as well. Extremely stiff I questioned whether they would be suitable on the shelfless bow since the specs indicate they are good to use on a wide variety of bow poundages? Without a shelf, however, the arrows also need to flex around the bow upon release for accurate shooting so I was curious to see how they faired.

It was an awesome morning in the woods. I hiked about for some time just enjoying the bright sunshine while enjoying the quiet solitude.

Came upon an access road and discovered an adjacent stack of cut wood that would make a perfect shooting range. I wanted to test both the accuracy and power of the bow. Marched off about 20 yards then set up a discarded coffee cup as my target on the pile of logs.

I am happy with the performance of the bow and also impressed with the bamboo arrows. Not only did they fly straight and true but were bombproof. I bounced a couple off of some frozen targets but also loosed one straight through a piece of plastic. They performed very well. The field point on one arrow loosened while I was trying to wiggle it out of a log but other than that they remained undamaged.

 It was a good morning in the woods.A good morning indeed.

Update - April 1

Got a couple emails regarding the Chinese recurve bow and I had the opportunity to film the draw of the bow to show how it performs this morning. Despite my lack of form hopefully it will answer some questions as to it's handling and draw. It is shorter than a typical American or English longbow but still has some pop and is ideal if you hike through the woods stump shooting.

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