Monday, March 05, 2012

Musings On A Monday's Walkabout

 Awoke to a postcard perfect winter day and opted to walk the five kilometres to work happy for the warmer -2C temperatures as opposed to last week's bone chilling trek at -19C.

Glenforest Drive

Winter Bike Commuting

Opted out of bike commuting today due to the iffy road surface after a night of snow. Enough of the white stuff down this morning to make the streets greasy. More importantly the tempertatures were hovering around 0C which usually means the (possible) presence of black ice. The last thing I need to do is bounce my head off the pavement again so discretion was the better part of valor in today's choice of transportation. I actually prefer colder temperatures with dry payment as opposed to warmer temps on wet/snowy roads.
6:30 AM

Transit Strike

  Metro Transit remains on stike. I`m one of the lucky few who have cycling/walking as an option. I certainly feel for those who live far from their workplaces/school and have been placed in a tough spot during the labor strife.The Provincial government refuses to become involved and legislate the parties to a solution despite the fact many think transit should be declared an essential service.No doubt due to their own pending labor issues so they need to be wary of setting precedents. Sadly it is the low income,students and working class families who have the greatest need for public transit and the least amount of affordable alternative options. Some would argue that nobody really cares about the "dregs of society" and that explains why the strike remains unresolved heading into week five of the disbute.
Dawn breaking over a vacant bus stop

HRM Snow Clearance

At least there was not alot of snow down today.After a storm last week not only was it bitterly cold but with a fair amount of snow cover. Knowing that transit was on strike and many folks had no choice but walk you would think the city would target sidewalks for priority clearance - at least on the main throughfares No such foresight from HRM. High ankle deep snow on the sidewalks made worse by the plows pushing slush, snow and ice off the roadways. One step forward and two slippery steps back made for a tough slog and I am in shape but walking on the busy (plowed) roads was akin to playing Russian roulette with the traffic. Not impressed with the lack of leadership and common sense at the municipal levels of government in this province.Then again the policy makers are not the ones walking to work in the cold and snow because of the transit strike.

Rails To Trails

Rails To Trails pose

 I have made good use of the Rails To Trails path that snakes through the West end on my bike commutes and opted to walk a section this morning. It mitigates not having to use the sidewalks along Joe Howe Drive and offers one some relief from rush hour traffic. I am really digging the trail system and have changed my cycle commute home to include more of the trail. This season I also plan to use it far more often on longer rides out of the city heading towards Hubbards and the South Shore.It`s not to often you see new infrastructure geared towards non vehicle traffic hereabouts so I intend to make use of it as much as possible.


A cup of java sure tastes better after a fifty minute walk on a March morning. Not sure what I like better - coffee or wine? Hope I never have to make a choice between the two beverages(wink). That said a cup of coffee sure made me smile this morning but a glass a wine will do likewise tonight.

Intermittent Fasting

Today is an intermittent fast day after my usual indulgences of the weekend. Since I play ball hockey twice on Sundays I end my fast in the mid morning and will usually consume more carbohydrates than I otherwise will do the rest of the week. Monday I get back on the proverbial "wagon" and aim for twenty hour fast to reset the metabolism. Guess I will get some extra fasted training today factoring in a hour's walk up the hills of Fairview. I have a steak in the fridge and new sweet potatoes awaiting at home so a detour to the NSLC for a bottle of red wine is definitely in the plans.

Red Wine

Todays Italian Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot blend. In the economy 2 litre bottle for $21.95 CDN. Best enjoyed "....16-18 degrees preferably with roast of red meat and game." I am many things but a wine snob is not one of them. I like the "plebian" house blends since fine wines are wasted upon my unsophisticated palate.

Nova Scotian Weather(and Politics)

Changes so often that any forecast is best described as a "work in progress but liable to change". Both are unpredictable and often disappointing. I left work when it was like this.......

The warmth of the sun felt like Spring and the snow cover was melting under foot.......I had to unzip the coat for fear of overheating.

Alas this too shall pass as over the horizon at the three kilometer mark the ominous clouds were looming.......

Which turned to this as I climbed my front steps and home about fifty-five minutes into my walk home...... weather having come full circle back to 6:30 AM this morning.

Fear not. The kids are fed and I have a tenderloin grilling steak in the pan, a glass of red within reach, sweet potato in the oven and onions and mushrooms just begging for saute-ing.Put it all together and you get's good to be a caveman!

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