Friday, March 16, 2012

Wheels Of Mass Destruction - Cycling Wheelsets

Having returned to Canada after a working term in Australia my sister and brother-in-law have now made Montreal home. While living in Melburne Steve decided to begin building wheelsets on the side - revisiting his days as a bike mechanic and wheel builder with Cyclesmith.

Needless to say his hobby has expanded into a small home based business which also made the trans-oceanic journey back to Canada. The website is up and running and looks real nice so I invite you all to check it out.

Excellent looking product line, free shipping in Canada with taxes built into the price. Warranty and crash replacement policy included.Sweet looking wheels with minamalist decals for that simple but stealthy look.

I`m still in insurance limbo after my October crash but will need to pick up another set of road wheels before the start of the 2012 season whether a settlement is concluded or not. Not quite sure what I will opt for at this point(alloy versus carbon fiber) but I`m giving WMD the nod. Steve was adamant that he would like me to "give em a go" and give him feedback on the wheels so stay tuned for my review and testings.

Good looking stuff. Is there anything nicer than hand built wheels? If you are in the market for new wheels for triathlons, road cycling or MTBing drop Steve an email for a quote or customization.

"I firmly believe a well built wheel set doesn't need to cost more then some people's cars. I'll work with you to match a set of wheels specifically to you, your bike and the way you ride ...."

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