Monday, May 21, 2012

Georgie Hood or Blind Random Luck

Got out for some target practice tonight to end off a glorious long weekend with nothing but the best summer like weather. Within a few moments I actually managed to do this.......

What are the odds of splitting an arrow from from about 17 yards and I am far from any kind of "Robin Hood" skilled archer. Just the opposite as I am still still working on my form having recently adopted a three fingers under pull. The beotch of it all was the split arrow was brand spanking new right out of my reserve box. Thats that black cloud of misfortune that usually follows me around showing up again.

Back to the bow with my three remaining arrows thinking the odds of that happening again are near impossible when I loose the third arrow followed thereafter by the sound of bamboo on bamboo. No real worries on my part as I walk to retrieve the arrows untill I saw this. No frigging way!

Believe it or not I split two arrows within 10 minutes of shooting. I'm not that good of an archer so it just came down to bad random luck, accentuated by the third arrow having damage done to it's fletchings. Expensive night on the range. Damn!

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