Friday, July 20, 2012

Barefoot Sprints

After hundreds of bike conmutes home pass a junior high school soccer field it occurred to me this past week that I was missing out on an opportunity to incorporate some barefoot sprints into my day.

Not only was I warmed up from the bike ride up the hills of Fairview but the field offered the perfect venue during the summer months. It was rarely used now that the kids were off on summer break but was still maintained by the municipality over the summer. With little use but frequent mowing it was perfect for barefoot running.

After some basic track drills to prepare the legs I do six - 30 yard sprints followed by six 60 yard sprints. If the legs are feeling good I'll mix in a couple 100 yard sprints just for the challenge or a set of Tabata sprints.

Back on the bike and home within minutes with the rest of the evening to myself........priceless!

Why sprint? This is why.....

Why run barefoot? This is why.....

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