Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Pillar Of Sea Salt - Humidity,Air Conditioning and Hydration

It`s been quite the summer hereabouts with extended periods of hot weather accentuated with high humidity.A season of sweating bullets! Having signed on for summer(indoor) ball hockey and my usual outdoor activities proper hydration remains important. My strategy remains a regimen of sufficient amounts of water consumption through the course of the day along with the use of sea salt.

I know most would take a double take and question the sanity of adding salt to water? Doesn`t that defeat the purpose? It all comes down to what you use. Current thinking is that unrefined natural (sea) salts are beneficial while table salt is to be avoided.

"Table salt has virtually no health benefits because of its processing; it is bleached, heated, and ground to produce the hard white powder, leaving it devoid of nutrients. Due to the chemicals added to table salt to prevent caking and to preserve the substance, standard table salt often causes a range of health problems....table salt also worsens thirst due to its tendency to dehydrate."

Why are sea salts so beneficial?

"Sea salt has been used throughout history for optimum health. It is effective due to its natural mineral content. Recent data lists over 90 essential nutrients present within pure sea salt. These healthful components combined with filtered water have many wonderful benefits for the individual."

What are those benefits?

"Salt is responsible for many cell functions, as well as stabilizing the sodium-water balance in the body, keeping your body from dehydration, normalizing blood sugar levels, removing excess mucus and phlegm, restoring electrolytes and preventing muscle cramps....consumption keeps you safe and healthy during exercise by preventing hyperthermia and chronic fatigue syndrome...."

I question the need for all those sugary sport drinks full of chemicals and excess carbohydrates. Clean water with a pinch of sea salt is all I need and have had no issues with dehydration nor cramping even during intense exercise under hot humid conditions.  I often will add some sea salt to my water bottles or will dab a finger into the salt and apply direct to my tongue followed by a glass of cold water. You can taste a difference. Good quality sea salt has flavor and tastes almost sweet. Table salt just tastes bland and sharp.

My current favorite sea salt is Remonds Real Salt. Available in most health food sections of big box grocery stores and specialty health food shops it will cost you more but lasts quite some time even using it for cooking and meal purposes. Money well spent considering the beneficial properties.

Be wary of air conditioning as well. On those sticky days and nights it feels great but does have an impact on hydration......

"One fact which is clearly not well-known, especially in this particular locale, is that air conditioning strongly contributes to dehydration. What most people seem to not realize is that while air conditioning is "drying out the air," it is also drying out one's system, making the possibility of dehydration even more likely and more of a problem."

For those who spend time in air conditioned offices and homes the need to properly hydrate becomes even more important even when you may not necessarily feel thirsty.

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