Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sprints And Arrows

Left the bike alone today after yesterday's fasted training ride to take advantage of a late summer Sunday morning to run some barefoot sprints and enjoy a little archery practice.


At my usual spot on the soccer pitch at FJHS I ran a series of barefoot sprints on the grass field. It was my return to sprinting after a week away due to stepping upon a rusty nail while bushwacking through the woods last Sunday. A tetanus shot, a whack of polysporin and a week for healing meant the foot was off the disabled list.

The grass was wet with dew and very long so sprinting was difficult as was trying to pick out any possible hazards like rocks or dog poop so I kept it to a bare minimum of 6 30 yard and 2 - 100 yard efforts. Then I spotted the long jump pit!

The pit has a paved approach I estimate at about 30 yards which was flat and in good condition - a perfect venue to examine my sprinting biometrics. With camera in position I ran several barefoot sprints. First time running barefoot on pavement so I kept my effort at 80% but was still surprised how well it felt on the unforgiving surface.I'm really thinking about picking up some Vibram Five Fingers for the cooler temps of the Fall season to extend my opportunities to sprint.

Some interesting things to take away from the experiment. I seem to be fore/midfoot running which is good. My toes are naturally splaying wide which is the advantage of barefoot running. No longer are they being restricted within a toe box. The heel strike was alarming but I think I was pulling up to avoid the camera as the rest of the shots seem to indicate the right foot was fore/mid foot striking.That said I need to keep that in mind and be aware of the srtike pattern of my right foot.


Got back out to my ad hoc range to loose some arrows after finishing up sprinting on the soccer pitch.Been awhile so I was looking forward to the opportunity on a brillant sunny morning. My archery skills are improving despite my sporatic training. My draw is much improved as in my anchoring technique which is leading to better overall form, speed and accuracy. I am consistently within the rings from 25 yards and my groupings are becoming tighter around the bullseye.

Third game of the ECBHL summer season tonight as we are looking at going 3 -0 for a strong start to the campaign. I lucked out this season getting drafted to a strong squad. After two initial wins the team does not have any weak links in the lineup so hopefully we can keep it rolling. Unlike my previous two seasons I do not have to be a goal scorer as we are solid up front. That means I can either play defense or, if forward, focus more upon my strengths; fore checking and play making.It is nice knowing I don't have to score everytime I am on the floor so I can contribute with a more defensive role. 

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