Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pell Work

Just when you think Geo cannot get any more odd you happen upon my latest blog post. In essence I was in the woods hitting a small stick against a big stick. Things I do for fun?

It occurred to me the last time out for archery practice that the dead tree adjacant my shooting range would make a formidable pell. I had purchased a couple oak bokkens last winter to practice some sword katas so figured it was time to actually put theory into practice.

After some research on Google and video tutorials on You Tube I headed to the woods to start making a racket. I gotta tell you simulated sword play against a pell is quite the workout. Requiring movement, core strength, flexibility and accuracy it is challenging, fun and you work up a darn good sweat. Begs the question how fit the re-inactors are dressed in period costumes and armor.

Shot some video to take home and compare to those on You Tube in regards to proper form and technique. Definitely need to work on my footwork and movement.

It's all about moving the body and pell work is just another option I have in my fitness portfolio to keep myself active.Variety is the spice of life and the last decade has seen cycling take up most of my play time. I decided in 2011 it was time to get back to a more balanced approach in regards to my activities.

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