Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pelley Foods - Grass Fed Beef

Dropped by Nature's Cove yesterday to pick up some local Meadowbrook beef and pork when I noticed a new supplier of pastured, grass fed meats in the freezer.

Pelly Foods is now being carried by the Cove with ground beef being sold in one pound blocks.In sealed,vacuum packed bags it is easy to see the deep rich color of the beef in stark contrast to the pink stuff you see in the grocery stores.

"Pelley Foods is a socially minded local food distribution company that is based in Halifax and procures food from producers from across the fertile valleys and around the province...."

The Gourmet Traveler sources from Pelley Foods......

It is an awesome thing to see local foods becoming easier to source. In light of the current beef scares and recalls it can only help Nova Scotian meat and produce producers find additional markets and distribution channels. Local is the way to go!

 As a pre hockey meal I have cooked up the beef in my usual Primal staple......a "caveman skillet" served over a bed of greens with a grating of fresh ginger. Nom nom!


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