Sunday, November 18, 2012

A November Sunday - Day In The Life.

The Morning

Lets make this perfectly clear from the outset. Every day starts with coffee.Nuff said!

Under cool temps but a clear blue sky I opted to head into the woods and loose some arrows. Best to take advantage of Fall archery weather before the cold winter temperatures arrive. Today's bow of choice was my composite Chinese recurve. Previously this month I had expanded my range to thirty yards which is a challenging distance for me to consistently hit my target (2X2 foot square).

Typical of the Asian horse bows my Chinese recurve is short compared to a traditional long or flat bow but weighted at 55 pounds at a 28 draw it packs some decent punch. Loosing arrows at the edge of my comfort zone of 30 yards I did much better than I anticipated. I did make an effort to fix my anchor point consistently and focused upon my release which can be sloppy at times. As a result I was consistently on target(albeit pulling right for this series of shots) complete with a bulls eye..

It was a good morning playing in the woods in the refreshing November sunshine. I do love the Fall season - something about the crispness of the air combined with the smell of decay,the autumn colors and the sound of leaves underfoot.

Home to a Primal breakfast of champions before I start gathering together my goalie gear for an afternoon between the pipes at SABH. Half dozen of local(Annapolis Valley) free range/run scrambled eggs garnished with sea salt, black pepper and cucumber slices. Washed down with another cup of coffee. The noble bean + the miraculous egg = manna from Heaven.

The Afternoon

About an hour before game time I usually have a smoothie for a pre game meal. The main ingredients are ice, frozen berries(rasp,blue and strawberries) and Balkan style yogourt along with some juice (usually pineapple), water and a banana.I originally started making these for my fussy daughter who has a limited diet but quickly realized how good these are as a pre exercise meal. No excess sugars or carbs and basically Primal in approach. Darn delicious.

The worse part of playing goal is lugging the gear up and down the basement steps and in and out of the car....especially after the game.

The Bloomfield Recreation Centre is a great venue and since it was originally a high school it has both changing rooms and even showers. Kinda nice being able to gear up in relative privacy and comfort.

We were short some runners today with only one spare per side so that meant a long day in the nets. By the second hour legs are tired and the first casualty becomes defensive hockey.Not much back checking is accomplished so the goalies face more odd man rushes and uncovered players. Lost the first game 10 -6 but rebounded with a better effort for a 10 - 4 win in the second match. With twenty minutes to play we began a rubber match till time expired but I was on the outs with a 5 -4 loss.

Home to a shower and the ultimate recovery drink. I don't drink alot of beer due to gluten issues but I do enjoy German beers. DAB is probably my current favorite and tastes fantastic after two hours of  sweating bullets during gym hockey.

The Evening

Since my ECBHL game was not starting until nine oclock I had time to eat a proper meal. For supper I had local grass fed ground beef and onions stirfried with broccoli slaw - my caveman skillet. Accompanied by fresh green beans and a baked potato topped with local unpasturized saurkraut and a liberal amount of real butter. Garnished with sea salt, black pepper and sweet currie. Washed down with a glass of Shiraz..

Did some digging around and found my old school film camera to take to the evening games to snap some photos for the website. I tried my digital last week but under the gym lights and without a zoom lens the results were not the best.Dropped the film off to be developed on the way home after our game and I am more that curious to see the results.

The game itself was quite competitive and was tied after the first period. We fell behind by three coals in the second but rallied to tie late in the third period.Unfortunately we ended up surrendering a couple goals late for the loss. Since we were missing two forwards at the start I had the chance to play up and switch from a defensive role. That was fun and I even managed to contribute with a hat trick.

Ended up having a Tuborg while watching the Walking Dead and then off to bed. It was a good typical  cycling offseason Sunday.

For the love of play!

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