Monday, November 12, 2012

Springtime In November

Awoke today to a cloudy but balmy 12C and, due to a change in plans, did not have to head to Bridgewater to work on mother's house. I have been spending quite a few days on the property so having a holiday for play was a welcome change.

What to do? It was at that moment I saw my neglected Giant hanging in the basement and figured it was a prime opportunity to get a road ride in the books since it has been well over two months since I last had it on the road.

It did not take long to realize I love this bike, especially with SD's WMD wheels. Two months off the bike meant getting back on felt like a brand new experience after having become accustomed to my heavy Norco hard tail commute bike. The bike just wanted to go and the carbon wheels performed like a dream. The only thing holding me back were my legs. I now have ball hockey legs so my road cycling legs are in need of some work.

The day turned out beautiful despite the forecast of cloud and overcast conditions. I opted out of sunglasses and soon regretted that decision when the sun broke through the cloud. It felt like a Spring day and I was overdressed and squinting for much of the 30 kilometer ride.

It was a fasted ride and I had decided to keep it short so planned a route out to Bedford via Kearney Lake to Rockey Lake and then back to Halifax via the Bedford Highway.I was sorely tempted to do the Basin Loop especially with the sunshine and blue sky. An awesome day for a bike ride. Ended up seeing Bicycles Plus owner BM commuting to work and club members JM, PD and AB heading outbound from Bedford for a ride. Great to see JM back on the bike after a crash this season.

Heading back into the city the sunshine over the Bedford Basin was spectacular and it definitely felt like Springtime in November. Alas.....this too shall pass with the onset of winter but it was a nice late season treat from Mother Nature.

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