Monday, December 10, 2012

Hitting The Wall

Although it felt like a brick wall it was, in fact, a defenseman for the Spartan`s at the ECBHL last night. We both were chasing the loose ball along the boards - I as the forward attempting to gain the offensive zone while he was trying to clear the ball down the floor.


As we were both angling in on the ball at full speed my right shoulder impacted his left shoulder! We both took a couple steps back from the force of the collision but got right back into action. Isn`t exercise  induced endorphins a wonderful thing! Overheard someone on the sideline remark...."what a body check".

Made me chuckle as I exchanged concerns with the other fella making sure all was OK as this is a non contact league.When the compete level is high there is always some kind of unintentional contact even in fun competitive sport.

Gotta tell you I am feeling it today. Yes I was doing stoop labor scraping hardwood floors of carpet glue on Saturday and I did play goal Sunday afternoon for two hours before playing that night in the ECBHL. I did have to play forward as we were short three players which is always harder on the body but all of that does not explain the knot of pain and discomfort that is my body. I can only assume the unintentional full speed crash into the defenseman shook me more that I initially thought. Even my head is a little woozy today which is kinda concerning considering my concussion history and my bike crash/head injury legacy from October 2011.

We do wear helmets and I did have a mouth guard so that might have been a good thing. Benching myself for tomorrow's pickup game just in case I did shake up the old noggin a little bit. Better safe than sorry. Sometimes this twenty something brain does push the fifty(ish) body rather harshly.

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