Thursday, January 31, 2013

Darksword Armory Norman Medieval Sword

With a life long interest in European history I had a unique opportunity to pick up a replica of a medieval Norman sword on a "scratch and dented" blowout sale from one of my favorite forges - Darksword Armory.

Based out of Quebec Canada they are unique in that they forge their swords here in North America and create stunning replicas of medieval/renaissance swords, helmets and armor. Simply beautiful pieces of battle ready gear for surprisingly reasonable price points.

I have bookmarked the website and follow the Facebook page admiring the selection of blades for some time when I noticed they were having a sale of discontinued, used or "less than perfect" swords.

"We are liquidating a bunch of swords with moderate aesthetic issues. The swords on the sale page have been reduced bu 150$-180$."

Since the blade was sharpened I suspected this sword was possibly used in film production(as indicated by DSA on the sale page) so expected some minor wear and tear. Once un-boxed the Norman looked quite nice considering it was previously used.


The stated issue with the sword was a "slight wave on the blade profile." I'm not completely sure what that means but assume it has something to do with how straight is the fuller? Looking at the blade from a distance it was hard to discern any problem.......


Maria said...

It is really a nice article about Norman sword. I kinda liked your impressions and feedback on this cold arms.

Jason Wright said...

Thnks. for sharing this informative post. medieval swords blade was usually straight, double-edged, and pointed. Now days these swords are usually use for home decoration.

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