Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Traditional Archery Back Quiver

Finally purchased a back quiver from an Ebay seller Outdoor Leathers based out of Ontario.Made from what appears to be thick saddle grade leather it is a well constructed quiver possessing excellent build quality and stitching.

It is a large quiver capable of holding a substantial amount of arrows and is for either dexterity: left or right hand shooters.The strap can be adjusted to suit your style. I was actually able to insert a smaller tube quiver inside to create two internal departments which added some additional storage and limited arrow rattle if you were not carrying a full capacity.

It is decorated with really nice Indian beadwork as well.

A real nice all leather back quiver in a traditional style complete with a decent sized pocket for storage.

I`m really liking the quiver but as fate would have it I cannot actually use it due to my shoulder issues. Since I am a left handed shooter the quiver places the arrows above my left shoulder. One would reach their arm up and back to grab an arrow and retrieve it from the quiver. Due to my injury I do not possess the range of motion to do so - even using the bow bump technique. Time to rehab and heal before the onset of Spring.

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