Friday, February 22, 2013

Fixing Geo - Part One. Upon The Injured Reserve

Discretion is the better half of valour and I have decided it was time to step back and try and get my continuing shoulder issues resolved before the onset of Spring. Over the last couple months I have basically ceased strength training other than some core work with the medicine ball, limited playing "out" at ball hockey to a few games(mostly to gauge how the shoulder was recovering) and stopped all archery practice. I have, however, continued to play goal due to a desire to remain somewhat active but primarily due to a sense of commitment.

I have been seeing my chiropractor weekly for the last six weeks and improvement has occurred but I feel like any gains are reversed after continuing to play goal twice weekly. Not only is it counter productive but it is burning up my chiropratic health plan coverage at an alarming rate. It all came to a head this week when I played out Tuesday night and subsequently suffered the last couple days which culminated in a bad effort in nets last night. The game just was not fun with the residual pain and discomfort and I was in an ugly, negative frame of mind.

Today I made the decision to stop all ball hockey for the next month to see if the extended break will help address my wonky shoulder. Time to place myself upon the injured reserve and limit my activities to bike commuting(weather permitting) and maybe some hiking/walking. My underlying concern is how my shoulder will affect my road cycling this coming Spring. Last year was pretty much a write off coming off my accident in the Fall of 2011 so I am looking to rebound with a new found passion for cycling in 2013. The shoulder does not seem to cause me issues on short bike commutes using an upright MTB but the geometry of my Giant TCR road bike is entirely different.

Gonna give myself the next month to self heal.If I don`t see results I may well need to take the next step and consider physio or other professional help. The writing was on the wall that I needed to step away and, in anticipation, I have been focusing upon my diet of late. Adhering to a low(er) carbohydrate way of (primal) eating in conjunction with my intermittent fasting regimen will be necessary to help alleviate inflammation, encourage healingr and counter my lack of activity over the next several weeks. 

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