Sunday, February 10, 2013


Got nailed by that big old Noreaster that has wreaked havoc on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend.Looks like we did not get the huge amounts of snow that they got state side but the wind has created some crazy snowdrifts nonetheless.

Factor in the drifting snow and snow plows meant I was doing lots of shovelling this weekend. I was concerned with the impact on my wonky shoulder but I was pleasantly surprised this morning. After shovelling three times on Saturday I expected to be incapacitated this morning but awoke to some stiffness but little pain.

That`s a good thing because the wind came up last night and the snow plows were out in full force. Back at it this morning.....

As the middle parking spot in a shared three car lot in front of the town houses I have the worst challenge of removing snow.I can pile it by the front steps(which I do for the top half of the driveway) but then need to "chuck" it across the street or an equal distance to either side while avoiding my neighbour's spots. Thankfully this snow is granulated powder so it is not as heavy but it still gives one quite the workout.

Shoulder held up quite nicely but I am playing ball hockey today if the recreation centre is open for business. I will reserve judgement on my shoulder till tonight but I am optimistic that maybe it is finally on the mend. It certainly got a full measure of work this weekend.

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