Saturday, March 16, 2013

Woods In Winter

While I am definitely looking forward to Spring I still enjoy hiking through the woods in winter. With some snowfall yesterday but sunshine today with moderate temperatures it was a perfect chance to do some late winter bushwhacking.

The woods were absolutely beautiful today with a light snow cover over the terrain, underbrush and trees. With the sunshine streaming through the canopy of tall softwoods it made for a postcard kind of hike.

Obviously I was not the only critter out and about with lots of canine(dog/coyote?) prints along the game trails. The area has lots of rabbit activity so it should not be surprising to see evidence of predators.The coyote has made quite the comeback in the province and, in some cases, have been implicated in attacks upon people. They certainly seem to be more aggressive of late, perhaps the result of losing their fear of us as they and we encroach on each others habitat.

The woods in winter is simply unbeatable. The blanket of snow makes the scenery so brilliant, there are no annoying bugs to contend with and little undergrowth and scrub to impede one's way. For whatever reason it just seems so much more peaceful to me.

Maybe it is the snow cover creating the illusion of sound proofing as the woods seem so quiet yet simple sounds, like a crow cawing or a running stream,  are distinct and loud.

A good Saturday afternoon in the woods. Priceless!

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