Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tea Party

With the onset of winter here in the great white North I find myself increasing my tea consumption. I`m not sure why my enjoyment of teas seem to be linked to the Canadian winter but there seems to be a seasonal element.There is just something comforting and hearthy about tea on a cold day that coffee does not possess. That desire is not limited to the typical black teas but spans the whole range of beverages; greens, whites, Rooibos and, now, chai teas.

Having spent a few days in Las Vegas I stumbled upon a Teavana kiosk while doing a walkabout upon the strip(Authors note - I know. Who goes to LV to drink tea?). They were doing a sample testing in the Venetian canal shops and invited me to try a variety of their offerings. Included was a selection of chai teas - those hearty spicy offerings that claim to have several health giving attributes.

New to chai teas I have to admit that two of them were quite delicious possessing the peppery flavor inherent in such brews along with a natural sweetness with hints of cinnamon and ginger. I ended up purchasing both a Samurai Matte Chai and a Maharaja Chai Oolong - delicious alone or as compliments to each other used as a blend. The cost was not cheap but the quality of the teas are exceptional and I did purchase enough to get me through till Spring.

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Well Said...Nice work..Sarkari Naukri