Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hand and a Half

Unfortunately this is not a post upon medieval bastard swords but rather my possible carpel tunnel syndrome. My symptoms afflicting my dominant right hand have progressively been getting worse. Numb fingers and tingling that runs up my forearm that gets worse at night.
With the numbness I feel like I have only half a hand most days and the feeling of weakness resulting in dropping things.Most annoying.Of late I have been experiencing some swelling on my fingers-especially in the knuckle of my middle finger.

I need to get an actual diagnosis but my visit to the clinic last week saw me leave as the wait list was crazy long.No doubt the result of the Flu season here in Canada. I have to get back to consult a doctor but in the meantime I discovered my archery bracer does keep my wrist in a neutral position while sleeping. I have also begun a regime of alternating heat and cool along with consuming more anti inflamation foods as part of my usual intermittent fasting way of eating.

Alas....the perils of aging.

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