Monday, May 05, 2014

German Bastard Sword

Unable to resist a good opportunity to pick up a hand and a half sword on Ebay I purchased a replica blade copied from A477 of the Wallace Collection.

The modern replica mimics A477 quite closely right down to the flattened oval cross sectioned 30 inch blade, straight quillions, ringed guard, pear shaped pommel and blued hardware furniture.

The blade type originated in an earlier Medieval period as a one handed arming sword and was retrofitted with the two handed hilt assembly during the 15th century. The resulting blade is a true bastard sword able to produce powerful two handed cuts but also capable single handed strikes despite weighing around the four pound range.

This is a "blue collar" blade and I cannot help but think it was designed for men at arms, infantry or mercenary usage in the melee. I also see in the sword the roots of the side sword that became popular during the Rennaisance era possessing a cut and thrust capability and the elaborate ring guards associated later with the rapier.

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