Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Project - Hobo Stove

Anticipating a winter of snowshoeing woodlands I wanted a way to create a small fire in the snow and wet without going to the trouble of clearing and creating a camp fire. A method that is quick and portable.

Enter the hobo stove. I could carry a portable gas fired stove but wanted something light and simple that could burn materials found in nature. Made from a soup can with a tuna fish can as a base. Air holes drilled and punched to feed the stove from bottom, sides and top.

A coat hanger used to create steel bars to create a grill to support a cup or small pan to boil water for a brew up or to make soup or noodles.

All able to be stored inside the larger can with little weight and capable of going inside a backpack . Cheap, portable and effective.


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