Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Ghee,better known as clarified butter here in the West, has been on my project list for some time. Since sourcing organic butters from grassfed cows here in the North is difficult and expensive I opted to buy ready made ghee.

Stumbled upon the Purity Farms product on I-Herb at a decent price. The shipping was reasonable and the ghee arrived well packaged from the US in a couple days.

I am a butter eater so trying ghee has always been on my radar both for the concentrated flavor and health benefits touted by Ayurveda. Ghee is butter that has been heated until the water, milk proteins and impurities have been removed leaving a pure healthy fat.

Looking forward to incorporating ghee into my diet using it in cooking due to its high smoke point, over vegetables and in my tea(po cha) and coffee following Himalayan tradition and the more recent Bulletproof coffee so popular in paleo and primal nutrition.

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