Saturday, January 24, 2015

Medieval Heater Shield - Part Two

Having completed the basics of the build with the addition of the arm straps and cushioning it meant the project was nearing a conclusion.

It was decision time. Do I simply stay with unpainted fabric on the shield or do I add paint? I also needed to consider what heraldry design to add. Heraldry in the 12th century was at its simplistic early stages with basic geometric designs on the field. My surcoat is black and red so that will play a part in my decision.

To test the painting option I covered the grey belly of the shield with a black semi gloss.It looks better than the picture attests to but I should have left it a lighter color.

With the belly completed I added a date appropriate ordinary- a simple red chevron trimmed with gold.

The color choice was primarily based upon my surcoat but the chevron was choice. In heraldry the chevron was associated with a roof, of building something for protection or faithful service. Gold represents generosity , red the warrior and black constancy and often grief.

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