Monday, December 07, 2015

Chinese Recurve Bow

After a few years of being relegated to a glorified wall hanger I finally began shooting my 55#@28 Chinese recurve bow again. Having developed some shoulder issues the result of playing hockey and one too many bike crashes I had no choice but to cease using the bow. It simply became painful and very difficult to anchor the bow at full draw.

Fortunately my shoulder issue has finally resolved itself due to my continued chiropractic care, my renewed focus on strength training and, probably, my retirement from being a ball hockey "runner" after I suffered a piriformis injury in September.

This is a nice bow and a shame it was not being used so I decided to attempt shooting it again last month. Needless to say I was happy to be able to draw it without stiffness and pain. With a draw of 55 pounds it has some "pop" to say the least...especially in comparison to the 40 # Mongolian horse bow I had purchased (during my shoulder issues) so I could still enjoy participating in traditional archery.

The only drawback is now I want to add to my bow collection by added a traditional English longbow or perhaps a Maygar/ Scythian horse bow knowing I can comfortably handle the heavier poundages.

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