Thursday, January 07, 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar - the "Mother" of Vinegars

Another natural wonder I keep in the wiccan bag. I began using it several years ago mixed in water as a tonic to improve digestion and as an immune booster. Recently I began having my daughter use it to combat acne as a face cleanser. Mixed 2-1  distilled water to ACV it makes an exceptional toner as it unclogs pores and restores a proper PH level to the skin. I also have begun using it as well as it does help with dry winter skin and the signs of aging; wrinkles and age spots. I usually use it nightly before bedtime where I apply and wait several minutes then finish with a splash of cold water. Yes it does have an odor of vinegar but it fades rather quickly leaving just a refreshed complexion.

Make sure you use unpasteurized ACV that contains the "mother" - whispy spider like threads floating in the vinegar. That is the beneficial health giving component of ACV. It offers a legion of benefits and can be easily incorporated into one`s diet. My favorite is simply mixing some ACV with water. It can be found in health food sections of most grocery stores and is relatively cheap as a little ACV goes a long way.

Note - it can have an effect upon teeth enamel so it is always best to rinse your mouth after consuming ACV in any kind of beverage. Drinking with a straw can limit contact with your teeth as well.

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