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Used throughout history as a beneficial healing and culinary herb oregano is now a valued part of my "wiccan" bag - a name coined by my daughter to describe my doctor`s bag of natural supplements and essential oils. It all began a couple years ago when I was researching natural insect repellents and discovered the power of essential oils. I have since discovered the benefits and applications of essential oils and the use of aromatherapy.

A relative of the mint family of herbs (Lamiaceae) Origanum Vulgare has been used as a medicinal plant and is native to warm-temperate western and southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. Similar to many traditional plants used for wellness and healing oregano is only beginning to be examined for it`s anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. As a result you will find differing opinions upon the effectiveness of the herb. With this understanding my approach is simple in regards to oregano and all natural remedies. I am my best test dummy - I research what I need them for and then use them to evaluate their effectiveness.

I have used Adeeva`s Orega-Sept P73 capsules as part of a winter anti-flu/cold regimen and have found them effective in preventing and recovering from cold and flu symptoms. That said I also subscribe to a variety of other traditional preventive measures used on occasion or as dietary staples including the use of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, proper hydration( warm lemon water), nutritional approaches (fresh ginger, turmeric, coconut oil) ) and chai and other teas to help prevent illnesses. I adhere to the philosophy that there is no "magic bullet" for wellness but rather the need to embrace a variety of methods to achieve good health.

The effective ingredients in wild oregano are several.....

"Carvacrol has been proven in studies to be a powerful antimicrobial, so powerful that it can be used to preserve food and render it self-stable. Reseach has shown it to be effective against candida albicans, the aspergillus mold, staphylococcus, campylobacter, klebsiella, e.coli, giardia, pseudomonas, salmonella, and listeria. Carvacrol provides many of the health benefits of oil of oregano .

Thymol is a natural fungicide with antiseptic properties. It is the active ingredient in Listerine mouthwash. Thymol is also an immune system booster and a shield against toxins. It is capable of preventing tissue damage and encouraging healing.

Terpenes is the source of the word turpentine. Terpenes give off a pine scent and are also produced by pine trees. Terpenes have potent antibacterial properties.

Rosmarinic acid is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. It prevents free radical damage and is instrumental in preventing atherosclerosis and cancer. Rosmarinic acid has shown to be effective in the treatment of allergic asthma. It reduces fluid build up and swelling during an allergy attack, and is an effective natural antihistamine.

Naringin is the substance that gives grapefruit its bitter taste. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and helps boost the effect of antioxidants.

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Recently I purchased some oil of oregano from Amazon. Pre-blended in virgin olive oil it is a product of Greece distributed by Zane Hellas. 40% OREGANO OIL - 60% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. MINIMUM 86% CARVACROL.100% Wild and Organic. Pharmaceutical Grade. Therapeutic Grade

This is an excellent product but oil of oregano is VERY strong and presents the possibility of sensitization. As a natural "anti" everything it should be used on a temporary basis. Even diluted in olive oil this has some bite. It`s hot to both taste and touch. I have used it quite effectively (albeit occasionally) treating skin blemishes and acne. I have also tried a drop under my tongue. I like culinary oregano but this was something else....whew! For internal use it is recommended to mix a drop with water or mix with coconut oil. For external use a little goes a long way and should be used sparingly or blended with other essential oils and additional carrier oils. You definitely feel it in action when applied to the skin.

A definite must for any traditional medical kit or any version of a Wiccan bag. Apparently it makes a very effective insect repellent as well which I will test out come Spring and the return of black flies, ticks and mosquitos.

Caution - always best to test a spot prior to using essential oils to determine possible reactions and they should always be diluted with a carrier oil. Pregnant women and children should seek professional advice before using oils.

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