Monday, January 25, 2016

Rum - Flor De Cana Seven Year Reserve

Often relegated as the grog of sailors, scallywags and pirates rum has begun to experience a renaissance of late. I am jumping upon that bandwagon...or should that be the bandship. It was a trip to the Caribbean last year that made me aware of the number of rum varieties available on the market. As a Nova Scotian rum is "in my blood" and part of our maritime heritage so there is a certain attraction towards the history of the spirit. I also realized that the white rum drowned in colas from my youth was not a proper introduction to the complexities of the spirit. Hence my journey to find worthy yet affordable sipping rums....

Contrary to what many think rum, like Scotch, is a complex spirit often individually "unique" based upon the distilling method, ingredients, type and length of barrel aging and blending methods.

Flor De Cana 7 Year (Nicaragua)

Having garnered good online reviews I opted for the Flor De Cana 7 year reserve rum . I was looking for  a rum that was pleasant enough to enjoy neat or on ice but one also complimented by a occasional splash of cola. My initial reaction upon opening the bottle was positive from the vanilla overtones and the golden color of the spirit once in the glass. Upon tasting my inexperienced palate immediately picked up caramel or butter toffee followed by something stronger yet still smooth and inviting. Just not sure what it is yet.

I did prefer the 7 year upon ice and found that once the cubes began to melt the smoothness of the rum became ideal for my preferences. It is very nice with a splash of cola but I really like this neat or on ice. In layman's terms this is a decent and, surprisingly affordable, sipper retailing here for $31 CDN for a 750ML bottle.

For further details from someone who seems to know his rum....

History of Rum

"Rations of rum were given to sailors in the British navy to be mixed with lime juice because it fought off the scurvy."

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