Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Archery

After a winter storm last week we have experienced an unseasonal mild spell this weekend which gave me an opportunity to loose some arrows. What a pleasant surprise especially since the woods still have a decent amount of snow cover so I can double down with the snowshoes.. Archery and snowshoeing on a 3C!

It was sheltered enough under the tree canopy that gloves were unnecessary which is definitely unusual for January. Wore a leather glove on the bow hand for protection as I shoot off the knuckle using my hickory flat bow and just my three finger glove on my draw hand.

Worse part of the shoot was the occasional cold drips of melt water dropping from the overhanging tree branches. I have been itching to try out my new medieval arrow bag. Being able to conceal the arrows during transport was definitely handy and the bag is far lighter than my previous thick saddle grade leather back quiver. Without the 24 holed spacer it also allowed me to use the bag to store my shooting gloves and bracer without having to untie the bottom of the bag. 
Once I tramped down the snow the snowshoes kept my feet out of the (now)wet, slushy snow which was another unexpected benefit. Wet feet sucks in any weather, especially in winter conditions.
I was happy to see my bale of hay target block was still intact and, being partially frozen, it was an ideal arrow stop - stiff enough to stop the arrows well before the fletchings. Shooting from about 25 yards it took a few rounds to get my range down but I was soon grouping my arrows fairly well.
Another good day in the winter woods. Rather than complain about our Canadian winter I now embrace it. Having snowshoes makes enjoying the winter conditions so much easier and its a great workout. Oh bugs either(wink).


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