Friday, February 19, 2016

Rum - Plantation 5 Year

A neat bottle that holds a very nice rum the Plantation 5 year is a product of Barbados but casked in France......

"Aged five years in bourbon casks....the rum was transported from Barbados to France by Cognac Ferrand to be placed in used Cognac casks to enhance the rum..."

Listed locally at $31.99 (CDN) this spirit is an affordable sipper presented in a traditional netted bottle which has a cork stopper that has a resounding "pop" upon opening. It promises rum delights by provoking a typical Pavlovian response.

A lovely gold color neat in the glass the initial nose of the rum offers hints of vanilla and baked spices. First mouth impressions was a sweetness followed by a pleasant heat and a smooth finish. I really like this rum neat but had to try it over ice as that is how I usually prefer my spirits.

Over ice the nose seems sweeter with hints of honey and caramel. As the cubes melt the water takes the edge off the heat and accentuates the smooth, albeit, sweet finish. I could sip this rum all day long. This might just be my favorite above the previously reviewed Flora de Cana 7 year......maybe. I think it is apparent I tend to favor sweeter rums over their oaky whiskey style brethren.

Not sure I would be overly inclined to mix this rum with cola thinking too much soda would overwhelm the spirit. That said a glass with an equal amount of cola actually made a decent drink. No need to drown the rum. Perhaps a little pineapple juice would be a more appropriate choice.

Rum Fact- Admiral Nelson's body was preserved in a cask of rum for the return to England after the battle of Tralfager.

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