Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Bushwhacking

Took the snowshoes out on a cold but sunny February winter day. Headed out to the local woods for some bushwhacking mostly for the shelter from the prevailing windchill but also for the chance for solitude. There are some popular trails around but I enjoy alone time under the canopy of trees.

The tradeoff was bushwhacking through the undulating terrain of alders, deadfall and shrubbery. Annoying at the best of time it is a little easier during winter as the underbrush is not as dense but still snags at your shoes and kit.

Heading eastwards I was generally gaining elevation passing through dense bush into groves of hard and softwoods.Found a real nice spot that presents a potential archery range with a natural ground butt perfect for loosing some arrows. Continuing upwards I reached some plateaus and, eventually, the ridge line.

With a decent amount of snow cover the effort varied from tough slogging, steep climbing and smooth trekking enroute to the summit. Eventually I started descending to the southwest off the heights back towards the shelter of the woods. The ridgeline was sunny but the wind was brisk.

Having descended about half the distance I turned westward figuring I would eventually meet my eastbound tracks as I was circling back to my point of entry hiking the middle zone below the heights but above the dense bush adjacent to the trail. Lots of rabbit tracks but otherwise I was breaking fresh trails.

Having come full circle I backtracked to my entry point and headed home. It was a good, but hard, day on the snowshoes.

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