Monday, May 30, 2016

Back On The Road!

 Finally had the chance to get out on my Giant TCR Advanced road bike for the first time in 2016.  A sunny and(somewhat) warm Sunday morning found me on the Rocky Lake road to Waverley. It`s been awhile since I made my way out towards Fall River now that I work most Saturdays from Spring to Fall and no longer participate in BPCC club rides.

Spent many years cycling that route so it was good to return to my old stomping grounds. Its come full circle. When I began road cycling in 2002 I began cycling the that stretch of road solo to develop fitness and my road bike handling skills. Eventually I worked up the courage to join BPCC and spent a decade club cycling and racing. Now I find myself mostly solo riding again.

Took about 15kms to get re-acquainted to the Giant(quite different from my Norco hard tail I bike commute upon) but the return trip to Halifax was fast and fun once my legs and backside got used to the steeper geometry and positioning.

Hoping to jump into some of the Finbar`s (weeknight) club rides sooner than later from either the Bedford or Cole Harbour locations once I get my "road" form back. That will be the next the fun relaxed "beer" rides so popular with us old fellas.....(wink).

"Upon the bike there comes a freedom...."

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