Monday, July 25, 2016

A Trio Of Misery; Allergies, Strains and Gluten?

To say it has been a challenging summer is an understatement to say the least. That said I think I have things sorted out for the most part.

Pollen season has ended in Nova Scotia and is it a coincidence that I am feeling much better? Sinuses, upper chest, ears and throat finally feel normal. Not sure why I would develop a late life allergy to pollen but it sure looks like it happened? Ragweed season usually begins in September so lets hope for the best come Fall.

I`ve been having stomach issues but think it might be two actual problems causing some confusion. My symptoms have been bloating, discomfort, aches and just weird "feelings" in my belly.

 I suspect I actually may have a abdominal/oblique strain from pushing some heavy weight at the gym of late. Located in the upper right quadrant near the bottom of the ribcage. That would explain post cycling/lifting pain and a deep ache in the area radiating down the right oblique muscle. Cycling ice and heat along with topical ointments I am able to relieve my symptoms. To fully heal it requires rest so I`m trying to limit my cycling to my MTB as it is more of a relaxed upright geometry which is easier on my torso. No strength training either. That is the drag of abdominal injuries - pretty much everything, including breathing, works the abdominals. Definitely need to get it sorted before ball hockey starts again in September.

Along with the aches was the bloating, discomfort and odd feelings that might just be a gluten sensitivity?
Its summer and, in hinesite, I`ve been eating sandwiches steady the last month or so. Too hot/lazy to cook. Brought some sprouted grains breads thinking they are better than normal bread. Truth be told they do offer more nutrition but still have gluten and other anti-nutrients. I even found myself eating muffins at work of late....something I never usually do. Also began drinking beer again. On a hot day having cold beer is awesome but it always gives me a bloated feeling. I don`t think I`m intolerant to gluten but have some sensitivity that leads me to a "tipping" point. That would explain the symptoms I have been experiencing so I am going gluten free. As of this writing I am three days free and feeling much better. After an elimination period I will see how I feel and may reintroduce grains to see if my issues return. Or maybe not - if I feel good I might not even bother.

Going to give myself the month of August to see if I can get my issues sorted. If they remain despite my efforts its off to the doctor`s office. I`m getting old so discretion is the better half of valor.

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