Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tri Lam English Longbow - Archerybowman Product Review.

Arrived home yesterday to a door knocker from Canada Post informing me that my longbow purchase was awaiting pickup at the local post office kiosk. Needless to say it did not take long before it was in my possession.


Purchased from the Ebay store Archerybowman I was very impressed with the packaging. The bow was shipped in a heavy duty round cardboard tube complete with plastic end plugs.

The bow itself was well wrapped in plastic within the tube with extra padding added to the horn nocks,


Very impressive packaging. Took some time to remove the bow from the plastic wrap but it certainly created a sense of anticipation as the longbow was revealed beginning with the first horn nock and a first peek at the laminations...

The deer skin and sinew handle wrap and the handwritten bow specs (55#@28 and 63#@31)

Eventually the second horn nock....


The bow came complete with a bow stringer. I know there are traditional ways to string longbows without the use of a stringer but why tempt fate and a twisted limb? Since the horn nock came complete with the second groove for use with the bow stringer I opted for the safe choice.


This is an absolutely beautiful 68" bow. The bamboo backing, jotoba centre and hickory belly laminations are smooth and blend seamlessly into the horn nocks. The deer skin and sinew wrap feels great in the hand and is very well done. The B50 Flemish twist string is a shade of chocolate brown and complements the bow, specifically the jotoba core and ipe strike plates. A stunning example of a (modern) English Long Bow.

THE SHOOT - August 18 2016

In the midst of a very hot dry summer there was a Nova Scotia forest travel ban in place due to the substantial increased risk of wild fires. As a result I had to be patient and wait for rainfall. Mother Nature obliged yesterday so off to the woods I went with longbow in hand this morning.

Bow strung and ready to go....

This is a nice bow right from the first draw and release. Plain and simple. Comfortable in the draw and powerful in the release.

 The bow sent arrows down range fast and accurate. I was consistent with my groupings right from the beginning of my shoot(at 25 yards)....

This bow felt awesome in the hand. Little to none hand shock compared to what I am accustomed too with some of my other bows. I was loosing bamboo arrows with a generic spine suitable for bows between 40 - 60 pounds. They flew true and accurate.

 I should now purchase specific spine weighted arrows for this bow just to see if there is any difference in performance. That said I really like bamboo arrows....they are tough as nails and relatively cheap compared to traditional cedar arrows and work quite well with this bow.


Get one! If you are looking for an affordable modern version of an English longbow this is a winner. If you are in North America support an American bowyer. The 100% feedback on the Ebay store does not lie. Very nice craftsmanship and performance.

(Note - I`m a self taught archer who prefers simple traditional off the knuckle archery. I do not profess to be an expert nor qualified in technical aspects of the sport....just my opinion.)


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Stan said...

Appreciate your impression after shooting. I was hesitant to buy because of the relative low price. (I own a couple Howard Hill bows.)
What you report is exactly the information most archers value.