Monday, October 03, 2016

Ball Hockey

It's that time of year with the start of the 2016/2017 ball hockey season. Changes in this season's schedule include switching goaltending duties to Sunday night from Thursday. Having the goalie pendulum swing to a glut of net minders available for Thursday it only made sense to commit to a regular 7-9pm Sunday full time spot.

As a result I have also flipped my Thursday night status to that of spare, either as goalie or as a runner. As much as my aging body rallied late last season playing as a runner I am under no illusions that my back, shoulder and neck issues won't remain a constant impediment. Despite successfully rehabbing a periformis injury last Fall I acknowledge the demands of stop/start high intensity running on a hard surface and its negative effects over the long term. I still like to play out but I'm not confident how well the body will hold up. Subbing occasionally should satiate the desire to play out without a commitment of time, potential injury and money.

I've also ceased my participation on Monday nights. Playing in Tantallon in a 8-10pm time slot was inconvenient in terms of distance and in terms of recovery (from Sunday night's effort).

What I lose this season in a decrease in ball hockey play will be countered with a schedule of strength training and RPM spin classes at Goodlife. Not only will more variety better serve my overall conditioning, weight management and strength training but hopefully will help prevent/avoid ball hockey related repetitive strain injury.

The joys of being an aging athlete. The mind is willing but the body less agreeable.

For the love of the game.


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