Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rum - J D Shore Black and Gold

It`s a good time to be a rum enthusiast with another local distillery opening shop in the province. In fact the beverage industry in general has really taken off of late with an increase in local vineyards and craft breweries.

The Halifax Distilling Company has recently opened up operations and tasting bar in downtown Halifax. In a sense having a rum producer on the historic Halifax waterfront makes perfect sense even if the owners are American ex-pats. Welcome to Nova Scotia!

"With roots in North Carolina, Julie Shore and Arla Johnson fell in love with Canada nine years ago, and have brought an entrepreneurial spirit and their love of fine spirits to downtown Halifax."

Offering a selection of  white, gold, dark and spiced rums they are now available at selected NSLC stores and kiosks or at the distillery itself at 1668 Lower Water Street. I happened to stumble upon a bottle of gold rum in Bridgewater and immediately purchased a 750 ml bottle for $27.98CDN. Very competitive price for a locally produced rum.

The presentation of the spirit is nice using a traditional bar styled bottle with a wrapped metal twist cap. I prefer cork (style) stoppers but considering the price point I cannot be argumentative. The white label is effective and really makes the bottle jump out among the other rums on the shelves of the NSLC.

In the bottle the rum shows a golden yellow hue with a nose of caramel/butterscotch, vanilla and some fruit. In the glass however the rum pales, showing almost clear, like a white rum. Especially over ice. A pleasant mouth feel with a touch of oak in the finish but definitely a sweeter overall selection.

I like this rum. Very nice in the glass over ice but that is my usual preference. Now that the Shore`s are available in the liquor stores I definitely want to sample the dark rum. Might need to visit the tasting bar was well for a little outing one evening....(wink).

New kid on the local block. Nice!


On the heels of the gold rum I picked up a bottle of the black rum. With a nose of burnt caramel and baking spices neat in the glass it possesses a nice mouth feel with a pleasant moderately spicy finish.

I generally prefer my rum over ice but I really enjoyed this selection neat. That said  it was very nice over ice and was tasty mixed with a dash of cola. It was one of those rums I actually could/would actually consume neat, over ice or as a mixed drink. Quite the versatile black rum.

In the glass it presented as a dark amber, not quite as black as a typical dark or blackstrap variety. Not a whole bunch of oak with the melting cubes mellowing out the finish. A real easy drinking black rum.

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