Friday, November 25, 2016

Rum - Cruzan Single Barrel

Always keeping an eye out for sipping rums, especially at a decent price point I purchased this Cruzan selection today on sale at the NSLC for $35.99 CDN. With tasting notes indicating buttery toffee it was definitely in my "ball park" and one I have not yet had the pleasure to sample. The single barrel moniker apparently means this particular bottling all originates from the same barrel of blended rums. What that means is future bottles may present slightly different based upon the origin of the oak barrel it is aged within.

The bottle is a classic with a cork stopper but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to reveal a wide mouthed bottle!. Very retro and unique in modern packaging. The bottle itself is worthy of a save, especially if the clear plastic labeling is easy to remove.

Toffee! The buttery toffee nose of this brilliantly copper color rum jumps right out of the glass.  It will definitely get the taste buds primed for the first taste. In the glass neat the rum did not disappoint with a very nice mouth feel with some heat extending into a pleasantly oaky finish. Its not too sweet despite the butterscotch bouquet nor overly smoky despite being aged in American bourbon oak.

I prefer my rums chilled (as I do my wines) so over ice this spirit is even nicer. I simply prefer the way a slow melt of ice mellows the rum  while maintaining a little heat in the finish.

Very nice!

For an in depth review check out the rum howler blog.....good insights and always a good read.

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